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Titled: "The Art of an IT-E-IT"

Sub Titled: "Gifts by Robin and the Hood"

Author: John Anthony Knowles

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The Inventor/Creator and Patent 4 sets of

Dice Games, Dead Man Dice, Cave Man Dice,

Hog Nose Dice and Alien Man Dice. If you got

one of each Dice, you have the entire Series.

This Artist has (5} U.S. Patents to his Credits.

Tony Don't is a Comedian Who's.....

Over the Top with his Comedy Wit.

If you get a Chance to see his Show,

His Disclaimer is, wear a Diaper !!!

You never know what He may say ?

Funny, Aritstic, Creative, and Quick.

His "T" Shirt Designs, Copyrighted

in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. are some of his Proudest accomplishments.

He Claims Ownership of Over....

100,000 T Shirt Designs, He owns

and Created for his Comedy.